365 | Day 19 | January 19, 2010

Location | New York City

Do you believe in fate? Things that happen for a reason?

No photo. I dedicate today to S.B.D.

Today I got off the subway at 49th street as usual, but I caught a glimpse of someone I did not expect to see and it completely made my head spin. I could feel my chest tighten and my whole body go rigid.

It was almost like seeing a ghost. It was S.B.D’s sister. As she was heading into the station, I was exactly exiting. What is the likelihood of running into someone from your past that happens to be a mom living in Michigan at 9:15am at the same subway you get off of in New York City?

Sometimes I wonder what the grand scheme of things is… but it was just a very strange out of body experience.


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