365 | Day 16-18 | January 16-18, 2010

Location | New York City

New York Harbour

So after another 3 day hiatus, I’m back with 3 different 365’s. This past week, 3 of my college friends (and a new friend) came to the city to visit. 3 of them had been to NY before and 1 was a NYC virgin, but no matter, we had an amazing time!!!

The first thing we did was have dim sum in Chinatown. We were seated with another family! (The other family must’ve been horrified to see us eating like starving monsters). After that we walked around a bit and the headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. This is where the photo is shot from. We walked around Brooklyn a bit and went to Jacques Torres. Afterwards we headed up to Central Park and took some more shots before we went to Ktown to eat and then back to my apt to pre-game before we headed out for the night.

That night we went to Pegu Club for drinks/lounge experience, then over to The Park for the clubbing experience. After all of that we went to the 53rd and 6th Ave Halal Cart for a 3am snack…

Family Style Chicken and Rice!

So ridiculous. We were so hungry even though we had eaten food at The Park… but they wanted more! Chicken and Rice is just amazing in the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was much less productive. Ngoc and I went to Clinton Street Baking Co. early to get a table and went across the street to Cafe Pedlar for some coffee. The latte was not as good as it normally is (sob). We got a table 2 hours later and had a feast of pancakes and french toast.

After that we went to SoHo, but went our seperate ways. Ngoc and Gio went to Times Square to get tickets for a Broadway Show (we ended up seeing Chicago) and Linda and Chia went shopping. We met up at 7 for Chicago (starring Ashley Simpson-Wentz).

After that we went to Times Square to walk around a bit before heading over to Otto for a 10:30pm dinner with Chris Choi, CC Song and Denny Chan.

The left around 2 am to go back to Michigan (they wanted to just drive instead of leaving at 6am).

That leads me to today. Due to it being such a nice day, I walked around my area. First Union Square, then up 5th Avenue. I stopped in at a new chocolate shop – L.A. Burdick.

Harvard Square cake from L.A. Burdick

I ordered the Harvard Square cake to go. It was rich, dense and delicious. It was very small, but I’m not sure if I could eat more than that!

What a wonderful weekend! :)


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    Sounds like you had a fun weekend showing your friends around NYC!! Mmmm that cake looks delicious!!

  2. 2

    Ya it was a good time! You should try that chocolate shop the next time you’re in NY — it’s really good!!!

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