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Welcome newest members to my evergrowing family: Angel (a mei mei), Doris (a jie jie) and Joey (a di di!). All I need to do is start collecting husbands. Theresa already collected 2!! I’m jealous. Teehee.

Ok, let’s see, the weather has been pretty bad lately… well just cloudy, humid, rainy, etc. Stinks. At least its supposed to get a lot better this weekend. I think I’m gonna go see F.I.R on Friday, OR I will go to Danshui with a bunch of people. On Saturday I’m probably going to go to this Nokia snowboarding event and then go to this waterpark in Bali wit some umich friends. Sunday is the group 9 reunion. I’m not quite sure what we’re doing, but it looks like we’re going to Dingtaifung again. I’ve already gone 3 times.

Angel and I completed a lot of the scrapbook we made for Stella. Yay. At least that’s done for the most part. Its really cute!! I think I’ll make one for myself eventually.

Oh lately I’ve been listening a lot to the Postal Service. They’re really good!! I need some more music!! Please send me music! :) I’m gonna buy a 60gb iPod soon. I’m going to wait until September to see if they announce the creation of an iPod that plays video.

Other things on my mind: there’s this one person I really like a lot here. I think that I’m doing a really bad job of showing my interest because I must be giving off mixed messages. Its ok though, I guess if nothing happens this summer, then when I go back I can concentrate more on school, but I’d really like to have a relationship again.

Anyway, I should be researching for my paper.

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