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I’m coming home everyone. Tomorrow at 4am I leave Taichung to go to the airport to go home. FINALLY HOME FREEEE!!! I got almost everything I wanted. (minus YaYa’s grosgrain ribbon, a t-shirt that says Taiwan, and all the comic books that I can buy.. but I did buy Zettai Kareshi just so Mimi could read it… Mimi…)

Anyway, I got 2 more of Takeshi’s movies, Lavender and Downtown Torpedoes (wooo Jordan AND Takeshi!!). I really want to get Chungking Express… but I have one problem: I CAN’T FIND IT!… Someone… find it… for me… I want it for my birthday… THAT EVERYONE MISSED ON MAY 21ST.

Well… I’ll be rolling around in my goodies from Taiwan soon… so you should all come and see all the crap I managed to drag home… WAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR…

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