Aw Shitter…

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Aww shitter. I just wrote this long ass entry and then I accidentally turned off the computer in Chinese… wtf does that mean? I have no idea.

Anyway, these are my wonderful glamour shots. Click on “Glamour Shots” and “Glamour Shots 2.”

Tomorrow is my last day in Taiwan. Let me do the sentimental thing I wrote before…

I’ll never forget the shopping, the mass transportion, the food, and the people. I’ll be trying to forget the weather, the mutated gigantic creatures, and the smell of pee and sweat. I’ll never forget my classmates, the places, and the hilarious moments. I’ll be trying to forget sleeping in fear, hard mattresses, and the stupid mountain that I lived on.

Overall, it’s been a fun fun fun experience. This journal is almost coming to an end. I’m going to go try to finish packing. I have to give up 3 pairs of shoes because my suitcases are full. *cry*

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