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My stay here at the International House is coming to an end. The only thing is, I’m not too happy about going back to Taichung (SCARY HUGE SPIDERS). I’m moving to Danshuei for Thursday night and then staying at Lusi’s for Friday night. Then Saturday I’ll probably head back to Taipei.

Anyway, here’s a sample of the Chinese I can now type on my computer:
我現在可以寫中文字, 但是寫的很慢.

Ok, soon I will compile a list of all the things I bought. Today I went to Hsimen again, but this time I got the Gackt Crescent CD, 3 movies (2 of them with Takeshi and Young and Dangerous 4) and I also got the Takeshi poster, a Beckham poster, and a L’Arc~en~Ciel poster.

My huge compiled list will probably come quite soon, but right now I have to focus on finishing packing. My cousin is coming to get my stuff soon. Anyway, I’ve been focusing on finishing my shopping. I still have to get “souvenir” type items. Plus I have to go back to Danshui to buy some “gifts” for the girls. After that, I’m DONE. FINISHED. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get my glamour shots.

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