Returning Home from Puerto Rico

Location | New York City

Back after the trip. I miss laying out on the beach. Would you like to see Greg’s sad face?

Greg's Sad Face

Greg's Sad Face

We got to the airport in Aguadilla, put the car in the parking lot, went through the agricultural inspection, then got breakfast, then went through security then got on the plane… when we realized… we never returned our keys to the car rental counter! Now we need to get those keys sent out ASAP back to the airport. We’re getting charged per day until we get it back to them.

It’s funny because it’s fitting that our trip ended as it did. With some sort of big absentminded mess-up. Maybe that’s karma hitting us in the butt? (After we got out of our original hotel).

Anyway, I’ll be writing an “open letter to Puerto Rico” in my next entry, but not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. A final picture for you:

Goodbye Puerto Rico!

Goodbye Puerto Rico!

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