Mediaocean Women in Tech Program

Did you know that only 25% of technology jobs are held by women?

Mediaocean wanted to address this issue when we discovered that we actually had higher than industry average of women in our ranks. So enter the Mediaocean Women in Tech program. Launched on May 20, 2015, it included an announcement video for a scholarship program, and a panel hosted at Internet Week NY.

Below is the launch video for the Mediaocean Women in Technology program that announced that Mediaocean would offer three $25,000 scholarships to women currently studying STEM with a plan to go into technology.

We hosted a packed room at Internet Week NY‘s headquarters on May 20, 2015 and Mediaocean’s SVP of Global Marketing, Maria Pousa, spoke with 4 amazing women on this critical issue.

To Lean or Not to Lean? Empowering Women to Challenge the Gender Gap
Gender equality and diversity drive innovation and creativity, but today, a mere 27 percent of technology jobs are held by women. While there’s talk around the issue, action must be taken now. Our community needs to ask not why, but how can we make this change. Join us for a lively panel discussion at Internet Week, focused on how we can challenge the norm, influence change, and shape future opportunities for women in the tech industry.

Ari Horie, Founder & CEO, Womens Startup Lab
Despina Papadopoulos, Founder, Principled Design
Nicole Ellis, Managing Director, Soultions, Teach for America
Shenan Reed, President, Digital, North America, MEC

Maria Pousa, SVP, Global Marketing, Mediaocean

Visit the Mediaocean Women in Tech website at


  • Began working on this initiative as a way to shed light on this major problem in the industry.
  • Developed a GTM process that included a video, scholarship program, and launch event at Internet Week 2015

Program Details:

Official program launch on May 20, 2015