Innovid Advertising Campaign – Fall 2012

When it comes to video, Innovid is the leading digital video technology platform for visionary advertisers. In the fall of 2012, the Innovid marketing team was tasked to launch an advertising campaign that would raise awareness for Innovid and the iRoll® family of interactive video formats. With a budget deficit leaving Innovid unable advertise on video channels, they approached The Nation to develop a display campaign that would convey the feeling of video within a flash banner and capture audiences attention.

Innovid’s iRoll formats are eye-catching and have the ability to “jump out” of the screen to provide rewarding advertising experiences for consumers. The display campaign needed to convey the brand promise of Innovid’s solutions and draw users attention, and only one thing seemed to have such power: cats. Let’s face it, we already know that cats rule the internet (or as they say “interwebz”). Thus the Innovid “cat banners” were born. Site section takeovers, special article sponsorships, data targeting, newsletters were overrun with the furry felines asking “if this caught your attention, imagine what interactive video can do for your brand?”

Running across 3 sites, Ad Age, Business Insider, and Digiday the campaign generated over 9 million impressions with a CTR as high as 0.55% for the 300×600 units and an average of 0.10% CTR across our media plan. It wasn’t just the metrics that demonstrated the cats success, it was the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from existing and potential clients, and over social media.

View the units here:

v1 – 300×600, 728×90

v2 – 300×600, 728×90

v3 – 300×600, 728×90