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Company Culture

Location | Birch Coffee, 27th Street, New York City

One of the most important things that I look for in my permanent working place is the company culture.

It’s an alluring word, and can mean so many things. Whether it’s the benefits & perks or the people, the right combination is very important. The first company – an actual corporation! – that I worked for had amazing company culture. They were the only company listed on the 100 Best Companies to Work For for 6 years running (right up until they had a merger and didn’t qualify that year). They had fantastic amenities, great people to work with, and the fact that the CEO was extremely accessible made everyone feel like they were a part of something bigger.

No matter what your work is, the people that you work with will be a determining factor in your reason to stay in the long term. The moment you hit that wall where you don’t feel comfortable anymore, it’s time to move on.

Truth? Be honest with yourself, would you rather stick around for the pay and be miserable or would you rather work with amazing people who are passionate about what they do, even if it does pay a little less?


06 2010