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Big Bambu at the Met

Location | New York, NY

Jiye and I wanted to catch Big Bambu at the Met before it ends this week

The big mess of Big Bambu

So we headed up to the rooftop and it was a really crazy exhibit. It was amazing to see how far they had come after many months of working on this thing. Bamboo was everywhere, was were the ropes to tie the pieces together.

View from the rooftop

We stayed on the rooftop for a bit. The view of the city and Central Park is really nice and well worth a visit if you just want to chill. There’s a cash bar on the rooftop too, so good for a chill get together if they have a nice exhibit.

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10 2010

How Dem Apples?

Location | New York, NY

(Almost) every year, I go apple picking. I think in the past 10 or so years, I’ve only not gone once or twice. Well, this year was excellent, for the most part.

I woke up via alarm, but guess what… I was sick from alcohol. I had gone to a “crazy” party the night before (ie: 30 people, 29 gay men, 1 straight girl). How did I end up there? I blame Kelvin. I blame my hangover on him too.

Well, I ended up not feeling well the whole ride up to the apple orchards. Let alone, Kelvin was also there – and also hungover – and another mutual friend – Tae was there – also hungover too. I had the worst of it…

Kelvin and Jiye eat.

Anyway, we went apple picking at Lawrence Farms in upstate New York. Jiye and Kelvin spent most of their time picking and eating veggies, versus actually planning to purchase anything (ha). Christine and I got a lot of apples and vegetables that we planned on cooking up.

Up close and personal

We even had a cute little wagon that Christine pulled everywhere.

Christine and our wagon.

I think the best part of the whole exploration of the orchard was the corn. Mind you, I’ve been to Lawrence Farms twice before, so being the third time, you’d think we’d seen everything. Nope, we missed the corn. This time we climbed into the stalks and pulled out  lot of beautiful corn!

Something isn't right here...

After our trip, I drove back and we ended up at Costco where we enjoyed it a little too much. The worst was getting back to the city. Tae had to be at culinary school and the traffic was atrocious. We ended up making everything work, but what a rush. Next time – full day rental!

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09 2010

Beer and Governors Island

Location | New York, NY The New York Brewfest was on Governors Island. The website describes the event as:

NY Brewfest is a craft beer sampling event sanctioned by the New York State Brewers Association. A commemorative 4-ounce glass is given to all attendees at the Information Booth/Entrance. Admission allows samplings from over 300 styles of handcrafted beers from more than 100 breweries. Great local foods will be available for purchase, and New York bands will perform throughout the evening. The event is a venerable gumbo of the Empire State’s creativity.


Needless to say, I was sold. I actually had a “Connoisseurs’ Pass” which allowed an extra hour entrance to the event (well worth it). We had free reign over a lot of booths and A LOT of beer.

View from the Governors Island Ferry

Now, I am not a very large person. Drinking a lot of beer, even out of a 4oz cup, was probably not a good idea for someone with little to no tolerance. I became incredibly hyper during this event.

At least we ate some food...

So, Greg decided it’d be good to feed me. What’s good at a Brewfest? Well, spring rolls, burger, and homemade chips. We even had some ice cream after. Well, after an hour or 2, Greg decided it was time to go so I followed him out as I was feeling pretty tipsy from all the alcohol coursing through my veins.

View from the island

I actually let him go home, while I stayed on the island and laid out on a blanket… and took a nap. I woke up later and actually took a long walk from Wall Street to SoHo (after getting off the ferry, that is).


06 2010

Snowy Central Park

Location | New York City

Went to Central Park to see how the snow covered the park. The Mall was closed unfortunately, but you could walk around and take photos. Went around the Mall to Bethesda Terrace then up to the boathouse.

Central Park Mall

The Mall looks really peaceful without anyone walking through it.

Little snowman

Not much to the post besides that I adore Central Park :)



02 2010