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I’ve started to notice a trend with my posts: they’re getting lamer and lamer. Anyway, let’s reiterate what’s happened this weekend.

So I went to Ilan with the TTT people. On day one we went to have lunch after arriving at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. After lunch we headed to the Tittot Glass Museum. It was ok, small, and had a lot of nice pieces, but nothing new (I’ve been to the Corning Museum in NY, which is amazing btw). I got 2 glass animal figurines for $100NT though. It was of a monkey and a frog.

After the museum we headed over to Ilan. A long drive, but we made it. We stopped to eat dinner over there, then on to the hotel. Since we had so many people, we were split into 2 hotels, which was ok, they weren’t very far from each other. We went to the night market instead of going to the hot springs (too crowded). The night market turned out to be 5 food stalls and a bunch of people milling around. We went to Family Mart (like 7-11) instead. Then we went around… and we went to another 7-11… and walked back to the hotel. At the hotel we played Mafia for 3 hours. Eric, Angel, Alice, Joey, Doug, Nelson, Andrew and James were all playing. I never got to be the Mafia, but I was the nurse 2 times. I was the narrator once too…

The next day we went to Dongshan River Water Park… Joey, Angel and I went into the water.. we were fine for awhile, cuz we didn’t get anything but our legs wet… but then JOEY wanted to go in this tunnel that sprayed water in all directions… well though I had my bathing suit under all my clothes (halter and skirt), I got soaking wet and my shirt and skirt didn’t dry for hours later. Anyway, we had lots of fun being wet and trying to dry… The water smelled really bad…

Dong Shan Water Park - Angel, Joey and Me

Dong Shan Water Park - Angel, Joey and Me

After Dongshan we went to lunch then to this traditional arts village. We went to the giftshop first, and they had a lot of cute things to buy. I got these two pics that are on little motors and when you seperate them, the pigs come back together and kiss. So cute!! Then I also got 2 keychain things, one boy and one girl. Joey took the boy one -_-;;…

Ok so I started this entry 3 days ago and I never finished it and now I’ve completely forgotten what it was about in the first place… or what I even did over the weekend. Let me think. Oh yeah, I also got geta’s at the traditional arts village.

Joey with giant paintbrush at the Traditional Arts Village

Joey with giant paintbrush at the Traditional Arts Village

After all of that we drove awhile to Lion’s Kingdom Museum. There we saw a bunch of statues of lions and also went down by the ocean to take lots of pictures. It was so much fun!!!

By the water

By the water

Then we had dinner, and drove home. Too bad the way home was a huge traffic jam. It took us 2-3 times as long just to get home… we finally got home and I rode the long ass MRT ride and yay, it was fun!

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08 2005