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Here's a lovely photo of Yuki and me.

So I went a bit crazy and I’m about to launch a brand new blog. I’ve decided to switch hosts, so I’m slowly migrating/transferring everything over. I’m discovering just how easy it is to migrate WordPress when you actually know what you’re doing (versus about 4 hours ago when I was acting like a manic trying to figure things out). Here are the details:

  • New layout!
  • My personal blog will be www.joannie.net
  • I will be removing the original blog on joannaleelin.com
  • The explore! blog will go away and just be www.joannie.net (I will keep it was a redirect)
  • I will be going through my old blogger account, The Wasteland (with posts dating back to 2002), and deleting useless posts and curating them as fit to migrate over to the new blog.
  • New features: fashion, photography (better photos, I promise!)
  • A lot of food features – including reviews, I swear
  • More travel – let’s hope!
  • General thoughts and ideas about life.

Let’s hope that I’m as interesting as I’d like to be. I will go back and edit/curate my old entries as well (which does indeed make me crazy).

Love it!




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