If I Developed a Job Applicant Website

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I am 100% positive that everyone has gone through the job search and felt that frustration that everyone gets with terrible job application systems. If I developed a Job Applicant Website, it’d feature the following:

Main Features

  • Candidate Profile (with generic resume and generic cover letter)
  • Search Openings
  • Saved Searches
  • Submitted Jobs (with status of Submitted, Under Review, Not Seeking Candidacy + date and update statuses)
  • Job Cart

Special Features

  • Each job would allow a new version of a resume and cover letter (No limits)
  • If a position has been filled, HR must close out the job description and send out an email (even if computer generated) to all applicants
  • Essential Questionnaire for hiring managers “Rank your Excel Skills from 1-10” with scale

I just wish that the HR business would actually evolve into something better. I haven’t seen any change since I first started applying for jobs.

If only things were that easy.


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