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Every time I think of Philadelphia, I always get the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stuck in my head – anyone else? Then I have to sing the whole song in my head before I can continue. This entry is going to take FOREVER.

Temple, recreated.

Well, I went to Philly to hang out with my friend Amy. She’s one of my very best friends and I love hanging out with her. We had noodles, then ate Vietnamese, but most importantly, we went to The Philadelphia Museum of Art


Japanese village, recreated.

There were a lot of great exhibits and we just slowly made our way through them. It’s actually not a very large museum, but it’s impressive. They had temples and village re-created inside. I thought those were just as good as the ones at the Met in NYC.

Outside the museum

We even took a (short) walk outside. It was a little cold, so we hurried back to the car before Amy took me to check out UPenn (and go find a Wawa to get a hoagie). Christine kept on saying how good the hoagies were, so I made Amy take me – ha. It was actually not bad, but I prefer Potbellys!

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