365 | Days 26-28 | January 26-28, 2010

Location | New York

I know, I’m bad. It’s too easy to not write on the blog. Inspiration doesn’t come easy when you don’t make many plans to do anything.

No photos this time, except one. I’ll post that last.

Well, I returned to New York on the 26th. It was relatively uneventful. The best part was landing in Newark and seeing the Manhattan skyline from a distance. I love being reminded that I live in such a beautiful city (from afar!).

Wednesday I had Lisa over for dinner. I made my usual fare – curried coconut chicken and rosemary parmesan potatoes. Lisa made stir-fried spinach.

Today wasn’t much, Jiye came over to pick up my gsm phone, we ate at Baoguette and I got my eyebrows threaded.

I’m most excited about seeing the Wind-Up Bird Chronicles play tomorrow. It looks really excellent from what I can tell. I’m lucky to have a ticket!

I leave you with this photo:


This is a wood block print known as Ukiyo-E (pictures from the Floating World). I’ve always been fascinated by these prints. I’ll post some more information about them in the future.


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