365 | Day 24-25 | January 24-25, 2010

Location | Canton, Michigan

I tried to get into fashion...

Sunday was just a silly day. I went to the mall with 2 of my best friends and we ended up at the Forever 21 accessory store… here Stacy found this tiny little hat you could clip onto your hair. This is me posing with it.

Suburban life is quite interesting. You drive everywhere, eat fast food, and hang out with your friends whenever.

I spent the rest of the evening in Ann Arbor. When I got out of the parking lot and was walking toward Espresso Royale… lo and behold… I ran into RJ Q!! I thought RJ was in California, but he had moved back and was randomly walking down the street! So we went to Espresso and hung out for a bit and Alan stopped by, as did Ngoc, Dave and later Chris Q. It was definitely a great time seeing everyone.

This is Hanna!

The next day was just a “take it easy” day for me. Went to Ann Arbor, hung out with Ngoc and co then later Chris Q stopped by. Had dinner with Nikki which I just now remembered that I was supposed to treat her… BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! Oops… I will have to treat her in June!

Anyway, it was a wonderful trip to Michigan and I’m looking forward to returning in June and again in August!


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