365 | Day 22-23 | January 22-23, 2010

Location | Canton, Michigan

The writing on the toilet stall

I’m back in my home state! The moment I got back, we headed to Michigan’s campus and had Pita Kabob Grill, walked through the diag, where we stopped in at Angell Hall’s bathroom and there was graffiti all over the wall. This one particularly caught my eye. Although the line is so simple, it’s quite beautiful.

Besides PKG, we headed to Bubble Island. I was one of the few Asians there (which scared me…). Had a Thai tea then headed to Stacy’s apartment in Bloomfield Hills.

The next day we went to Panera for breakfast and then to see the location for Stacy’s wedding. After that we drove to Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor in Plymouth where we tried on dresses. Luckily we all found a dress that we could agree on.

I may not be smiling, but I like this dress!

You can barely see the dress in the above photo, but you can also find it on the website for the designer. We’re getting the dress in plum.

After getting the dresses, we decided to go to Grand Traverse Pie Company to have a slice of pie. After that, my cousin picked me up and we went to Potbelly’s for dinner and then I got back to my cousin’s place where I just cleaned their ENTIRE apartment… my goodness…


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