365 | Day 15 | January 15, 2010

Location | New York, NY

Happy Birthday Joey!

It’s my little brother’s birthday! Ok, so he’s not really my little brother, I adopted him… because I tend to adopt people. I met Joey in Taiwan 4 years ago. It was such a great summer that I often refer to it as a benchmark for the best summers of my life! Suffering through 110* days, hiking up a mountain everyday, and running around Taipei was such an amazing experience.

Joey and I grew close due to our fear of a certain person I will not mention. Let’s just say he had over 76 missed calls from her.

Although I’ve only seen Joey a few times since Taiwan, I still think of him as a really adorable little brother to pick on. Although he may be your typical “guy,” he’s also very sweet and loves Doraemon! :) (Uhhh I have given him waaaayyy too many Doraemon items).


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