365 | Day 13-14 | January 13-14, 2010

Location | New York, NY

Oh People.

I missed the 13th because my day was spent in the office until 8:30pm, so there wasn’t any inspiration to be found in my Excel sheets. This weekend a bunch of Michigan friends will be hopping into town so I’ll have plenty of photos to take and things to write about.

So don’t laugh, but today’s post is about the new People cover. Working for Time Inc, the brightest spot in our week is when People Magazine comes out. Today’s issue is on Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery addiction. Here’s some quips from people on our floor:

“She’s starting to look like a tranny!”

“Wow, this is shocking”

“I think her face looks really manly”

“She’s 23, why does she even need these surgeries?”

I know, I know. It’s such a trivial thing to be the big discussion topic on our floor, but it’s really the bright stop (which goes to show what we’re working on every day). It’s true though, she’s 23, she’s not unattractive, and now she looks kind of worse than before. Actually I think she looks A LOT worse than before. Why would you do that to yourself? (*cough* low self esteem *cough*).

Well more interesting 365’s to look forward to as soon as I get out to take some nice shots!


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    my site is a work in progress right now but i was planning on putting up an RSS feed/google reader link soon! =) you can add it manually to your google reader for now!

    heidi’s plastic surgery is just toooo much!

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