A Day Sandwiched With Massages

Location | Taipei – Tony’s House

Day 2 in Taipei started with a 1-2 hour full body massage that Tony was banned from (ladies only). Phoebe and I went to this place in Zhongsan near the Shinkong Mitsukoshi there. The massage was the full shebang. It was pretty great for NT$999 (about $30US). After the massage I was wrapped up in this heating pad and left to cook for awhile. It was pretty amazing. I really should find a regular massage place in NYC.

Afterwards, Phoebe, Tony and I went to eat at a small Japanese tapas place. We ordered about 6-7 dishes. From sashimi to fried sea urchin to delicious puffer fish (but not the poisonous kind), it was really yummy.

Japanese Tapas!

Japanese Tapas!

Then we went to Shinkong to walk around, but didn’t find anything that I really liked. They took me to Guanghua Electronics Marketplace. It’s amazing now. So shiny and new. I didn’t get to do a lot of serious electronics shopping unfortunately. I wish I had more time to do so, but I didn’t want to drag Tony and Phoebe along with me. I could literally spend hours there.

I got myself a new 8GB SD Card and some new headphones for my iPod.

We hopped over to the Shinkong Mitsukoshi near 101 to buy some cosmetics. They were having an anniversary sale, so it was perfect timing. I got a whole bunch of stuff before we headed to Hot Mala to have Mala Hot Pot with my friend Phil. It was Phoebe, Tony, Tony’s friend and fellow Michigan alum Justin, Phil and myself. After eating ourselves into a fully almost pants-busting state, we went to a foot massage place and got ourselves a 40 minute foot massage.

Drinking tea at the foot massage parlour

Drinking tea at the foot massage parlour

The woman who massaged Tony’s feet was completely brutal but awesome. She was definitely torturing the crap out of Tony. Especially since he’s ticklish.

Oh yes, and today it was pouring rain.

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