I Got A Tattoo…

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I did something completely out of character today. I got a tattoo. Four of them in fact. It’s not where you’d expect.

So, I got eyeliner tattooed on my eyes. Top and bottom. Only cost me $200. Ok, it really cost my aunt $200 (my poor Aunt is going to spend a small fortune on me this trip).  Sounds horrific right? Well it might have been the most horrific experience of my life. So I get there and it’s all nice and peachy. The cosmetologist’s office is gorgeous. I mean, marble floors, chandeliers, and pristine posh décor. I meet the nice lady (Ms. Wu) and proceed to let her line my eyes to show me what it’s going to look like. She lines one side with only top and one side with top and bottom. The bottom looked great too, so I decided to go with lining both (which was an extra $100). So I lay down and she begins by numbing the area around my eyelids… with a giant needle. Then, the most horrified part wasn’t the fact that she was using an actual tattoo pen to line my eyes, it was more the horrific sound of the tattoo pen. This horribly tinny mechanical whirring noise oddly reminiscent of a dental tool.

Whirr whirr whirr.

I can feel my eyes roll back into my head as I reminiscence that horrifying noise. So then the tattoo starts. It wasn’t very painful, more-so, it was just… tingly. The worst part was when she had to line my bottom eyelid. I had to have my eyes open as the pen was whirring toward my eyeball. I could feel my heart practically jumping out of my chest as I held my breath because I was so afraid that if I moved it’d be the last time I saw out of my eye.

The best part was all the tears I shed in the name of a) laziness (I got my eyeliner done because I was sick of lining my eyes everyday) and b) beauty (woo! My eyes look pretty freaking awesome now)

Anyway, after my eyes decided to turn puffy, red and really just kind of gross looking from the tattoo, I got to go upstairs for a facial. The facial went nice and smooth until the portion where they clean out ever pore. My God… That was incredibly painful. I thought I’d pass out from the pain. Almost as bad as the eye tattoo. I think I shed a few tears then as well.

After everything was set and done, I got a ride back to my Grandma’s where I ate some lunch then passed out for 3 hours. My aunt came to take me shopping. We went to Shinkong Mitsukoshi to stroll around, but unfortunately I didn’t get anything. Then Doris called, it was her last night in Taichung, and we both went bowling at Tiger Bowling Alley. We even played the Taiko Drum Master game and also shot some hoops.

Her boyfriend dropped me off around 11 and I went to deal with my puffy red eyes because I’m going to Taipei tomorrow!

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