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Today was my final day in Tokyo. I was so sad that I wanted to run away from the group and not fly back.

Well in the morning, after breakfast, I headed out to the Tokyo Dome for the opening of Mother Garden at 11am. I had to get back to the hotel at 11:45pm, so I had to move as quickly as possible. I got there at 10:30 and had to wait 30 minutes for the mall to open. As soon as it opened I ran in and got into the store and explained to the sales people that I was American, so my Japanese sucks and that I need them to help me find these things for my friend. They came running to help me and I got a whole bunch of stuff.

When they rang up my bill… it was 9400 yen!!!!! That’s about US$85!!!!! Oops!!! Thank goodness it wasn’t all for me. Nikki wanted some of the stuff too… whew!!

Then I rushed back to the hotel, but managed to get lost in the subway station which I took the time to memorize!! I don’t even KNOW how I managed to get lost… it made no sense!! Anyway, after finding my way out, I ran back to the hotel and just in time made it downstairs. Suma and Shivali hadn’t even made it back to the hotel yet. Then we had to drag all our luggage on a trek to the subway station… that was such a struggle to get our luggage down stairs then up stairs. SO HEAVY!!!

Then we rode the train to Ueno and had 10 minutes to run to the skyliner train to go back to the airport. We got there just in time.

At the airport, poor Dragana had to be interviewed because she wasn’t a US or Japanese citizen. It was such as hassle. Then we got to the gate, and went to get food to eat. Unfortunately, all we could find was McDonalds, so we had that.

Then it was back into the airplane and now I’m back in the US!!!


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