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Well, my trip has come to an end. I can only hope that I will gain another internship in Taiwan in the future — like at Uni-President!! (They own all the 7-11’s and Starbucks in Taiwan AND they make my favorite drinks and puddings!!)

All the National Palace Museum Interns

All the National Palace Museum Interns

This trip has been the best trip ever. No lies behind that fo sho. I made a lot of good friends that I hope will last forever and I met a lot of amazing people. I’m making a photo journal of everything I did soon. It’ll be slow-loading, but worth the wait I guess.

Other pictures are here at Webshots.

Ok, the people:

NPM Interns:
Angel, Andrew, Alan, Jocelyn, Joey, Doris, Joe-Jay, Young, Tiffany, Monling, Grace, Vision, Joann, Myung-Hwa and Jean!

Group 9:
Angel (again), Tiffany (again), Karen, Martin, Ray, James, Chi, Esther and Stella!

JKo, Jeff, Laura, Will, Carrie, Diana, Eric (aka fanfan), Sam and more people I want to name but can’t think of right now (sorry sorry sorry!)

Ok, so I’ll write more later. Thanks for a great time everyone!! I love you all! More later!!

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*NOTE* I wanted to make note that the man in the center is Ching Shieh. In 2006 he was arrested under charges of corruption, but later he was cleared of those charges. See for more information.

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