Deer, Dogs, Fish and Peacocks

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Today I fed a swarm of giant goldfish (koi), saw peacocks, rode deer and got attacked by a pack of stray dogs.

Let me go into detail…

So we all went out into the garden to film for our video and so the garden of the NPM has big ponds with giant goldfish (koi), swans, ducks and probably other miscellaneous things. Anyway, we fed swarms of goldfish. It was as if they were starving to death. Then they also have peasants, chickens and peacocks. They looked so cool! So sad though, their cages are small…

Joe-Jay, Joey and myself

Joe-Jay, Joey and myself

Then afterwards, Alan, Angel and I went down to the aborigine park and took pictures around there… including a picture of Angel sliding down a stone slide and scraping all the dirt off the slide to create a much cleaner slide… also, me cupping an aborigine’s private parts =_=;; and also riding deer. Oh yes, the riding deer part was the best. We wanted it on automatic timer, but there’s a pack of stray dogs in there… so me and Angel got on the smaller deer and Alan set the time and ran toward the big deer… this movement threatened the stray dogs and they started growling and barking and moving toward us… oh before we even got to the deer this big dog came by and sat down in the middle of the deer and started to lick its balls.

Riding some deer

Riding some deer


We took pictures on the deer and got attacked by those stray dogs… and then we came back to the National Palace Museum and here I am typing this up.

The End.

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