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Words to describe today: humid, Danshui, mini turtle, fishball soup, stir fried noodles, beetles, high voices, bubble tea, cute little kids.

What happened today:
So, as usual, work. A bunch of really little kids came to visit the museum today and Doris and I went into the exhibit to take a look. They were so adorable!!! Doris even petted a head… lol! Like they were animals in a petting zoo. Later a lunch, Doris, Joe-Jay, Joey, Jean, Andrew and I were all on the bus going to Burger King. Well Jean was going to Shilin, which is a few stops after the Burger King stop. We get to the BK stop and Andrew and I get off and we look behind us and the bus is driving off, yet Joey, Joe-Jay and Doris are all… STILL ON THE BUS!!! We see the bus driving further… until it stops and the three of them come clamoring off. Other than that, the day was pretty uneventful.

After work, we (Andrew, Joey, Alan, Angel, Doris, Doris’ friend Kingston, and Joe-Jay) went to Danshui. Joey’s cousin, Candice, went with us too. First Andrew, Joey, Angel, Alan, Candice and I went to dinner, since Doris had to go get Kingston and wait for Joe-Jay. Afterwards we did a lot of walking around and sightseeing. We really like playing the claw game!!! The only thing we won was a mini turtle though.

We walked around for a really long time, just checking out things and chillin’. The guys took home huge “Taiwan Beer” blow-up plastic thingies. We all chilled in Starbucks for awhile… without getting anything at all. I guess it saved us money. I really wanted to eat the bird eggs though. They’re so good!! Maybe I will go to Danshui for dinner tomorrow too!

Overall, it was tons of fun and I’m glad that everyone had a good time.

Oh and Joe-Jay sat down and fell backwards into a pile of trash. Joey spent a long time trying to understand what “girl issues” were. “Why would a girl not be able to go into water?” Doris ate a penis chocolate and didn’t understand why we were all giggling like little girls. The condom shop has some really explicit photos… hehehe.

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