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Today I’m going to Kaohsiung. I’m not bringing my laptop… (which could be good or bad) so no updates until I get back. I’ll try to “write” on my pda some entries I can add later.

Well my aunt bought me shoes that feel like I’m walking on pillows. I quite like them. They are squishy and comfortable. They make my feet look very wide tho. I also got a new purse — a strange color — but I like the purse a lot too.

For breakfast today I’m gonna go eat cake that I got from “Sugar and Spice,” sounds nice doesn’t it? Except I’m getting super fat. I had lunch at an Italian restaurant yesterday and dinner at Sogo (pork-don). Its getting painfully hot here in Taiwan. I feel like I’m sweating like a pig everyday. I’m trying to keep my allergies and cold (which I’m fighting) under control. Tough stuff I’d say.

Apparently all the people riding the train down from Taipei booked their tickets together. Booo!! I wanted to meet them too! Oh well, there’s a person in car 3 I can meet. :)

Oh yes, and much sadness over the Piston’s loss (yes, there was crying) BUT we know there’s always next year, even IF Larry Brown leaves. (Give away Darko yo! Give us Wade!!) So I’ve turned all my focuses onto Michigan Football (damnit, I hate losing to Texas… WAAHH GO AWAY TEXAS). This year my favorite MI FB player is gonna be… … … probably Jasan Avant (again) and perhaps Hart. I’d like Henne more if he improved (he’s good, but he can definately be better!! Yay for our true frosh QB!!). Who else? I miss Braylon. He’s playing for the Browns now (ooh 3rd pick in the draft) Oh and Breaston (WR)… Others worth mentioning — Massaquoi (needs some improvement on the tight end… lots of screaming at him last year. Questionable about who is gonna play safety, fullback, center and anything on the defense end. OMG… THAT’S PRACTICALLY THE WHOLE TEAM!!… Thank goodness for 2 good WR’s and a super good RB and good QB. But… this means we really need a good defense end lineup for next year.

LOL… its funny how I talk like I know so much about football, I’m such a rookie. I should read “Football for Dummies.” I’d probably learn something from it.

Ok!!!! It’s 8:24am (I woke up at 6… I was sweating… damnit I don’t sleep very well here). I have about 1.5 more hours until I leave for the train station… still a lot of time to spend doing nothing.

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