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I’m still here, but tomorrow is my last day. Today I went to Hsimen with Sami, Steve, and her cousin. I’ve spent so much money… -_-;;;;;;; I got another Takeshi poster and also a Takeshi sticker… Then I went up to Danshui with Steve and I got gifts for my friends. Stevie and I had some mussels and vegetables. Total cost: less than $10 american. Oh yeah, at Hsimen we also got sticker pictures… but the big problem was… the machine was in Japanese so we had NO IDEA what was going on… the poor pictures…

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m really sad. I really love Taipei now… but I must… go… oh the sadness… At least in November I’ll probably see Sami, Timmy, George and Stevie… aww the Californians.

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08 2004

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