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So this has been a great past 2 days. On Friday we had Lusi’s “official” birthday party. We first went to dinner in the Dunhua S. Road and Renai Rd. circle and it was pretty good I guess. Everyone except Tim was there, but we had Stevie to replace him :D. Anyway, afterwards we went to Luxy to do some partying.

At Luxy we had a table and so we chilled until the dance floor started to fill up. Then tons of dancing… for everyone else, LOTS of drinking. Our tab at the end of the night was approx NT$9,700 (or US$300) They’re insane! Lusi had like 5 shots of Jack Daniels, 3 glasses of wine and then 1 shot of tequila. Needless to say, she passed out within the first 2 hours. She spent those few hours of being passed out on Chris’s lap… and Chris totally took care of her. I of course, was the only sober person in the whole place… dude why would I spent so much money drinking, getting sick, and not feeling well? I just ended up dancing and just having a blast with everyone. 😀

We left Luxy around 3 or 3:30 and I took Lusi home (she had thrown up everything anyway). Overall, it was a fun night and I’d gladly hang out with all my classmates again. Too bad… clubbing is just WAAAAAYYY too expensive. Gotta play it cool on Ladie’s Night (Wed here… wtf, who wants to party on wed, make it a fri or sat!!!)

Well, I’m staying at Lusi’s house for the time being — until Tues. Then I’m going home to Taichung until I leave on Sat. I hope that my suitcases will fit everything I bought. Crap I bought A TON of stuff.

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