Prague – Day 1 – Part 1

Location | Little Town Budget Hotel – Prague

Ngoc and I have just gotten our room at the hostel and… it’s HUGE! There’s 3 beds a dining table and a kitchen complete with fridge, stove and sink. I can’t believe we have this room with an awesome view of St. Nicholas’ Cathedral for only US $30/night!

The day started out slow. Ngoc arrived at the hostel a little past 9:30am and from there we set out to Prague Castle. First was breakfast. We stopped at a small café where we had toast with delicious rich and creamy butter, juice and espresso. After eating, we walked up this hill that overlooks the city then into the castle gates where throngs of tourists were trying to get pictures with the guards.

St. Vitus’s Cathedral has been the most impressive part of the castle grounds. We didn’t go inside due to the long lines, but we did a 360-degree walk-around of the cathedral. The gargoyles and flying buttresses were the most impressive part, as well as the huge stain glass window in the front. The gothic style architecture is similar to many other cathedrals in Europe. Construction began in 2344 and fully completed by the 19th and 20th centuries.

St. Vitus's Cathedral

St. Vitus's Cathedral

Walking toward the back of the castle grounds, we ended up in a vineyard that overlooked more of the east bank of Prague. We circled back to go to Golden Lane, which turned out to be, sadly, unimpressive. I had thought there’d be much more to see, but there was only one little souvenir shop. Golden Lane is lined with colourful artisan shops that are built long the inside of the castle wall.

View of Prague from above

View of Prague from above

After Golden Lane, we ended up walking outside the castle walls in a hiking/outdoor area. We were down in a field of wildflowers taking pictures of us cartwheeling and jumping around. It was so strange to be surrounded by so much silence. I haven’t been in that kind of silence for so long so it seemed like I had entered a different world.

We then ended up back up through the castle front gates and down a street filled with shops and restaurants. We were starving so we stopped at a traditional Czech restaurant. I ordered the quarter duck w/ cabbage dumplings. The duck was a little gamey, but overall delicious! Very heavy for a “lunch” meal.

Now that I’m all cleaned up (I had to shower) we can go out and check out Little Quarter and the Charles Bridge (and river area!)

Time to head out. Pictures will be loaded tonight!

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