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This week has caused me to sweat from places I didn’t know existed. Even my hair was damp… therefore it’s been 2 showers a day all this week. As for updates, I’ve been on a rampage buying Takeshi Kaneshiro items. If anyone knows of poster shops in the area (minus Hsimen) let me know. I love Takeshi!

Now I can type in phonetic Chinese on my computer, but I’m waiting for a Windows XP disk so I can update and type in hanyu pinyin. I definately prefer hanyu pinyin to the phonetic bopomofo, because I already know the locations of romanized characters on the keyboard over memorizing the bopomofo keyboard.

On Monday I went to shop for electronics with Lusi and my cousin and on Tuesday I went to Nova, then again to shop for electronics, but it was close dand we ended up at some porn place because as a class we couldn’t even collectively read the sign outside the electronics place telling us that the place was just closed for the day. Anyway, the porn place was… interesting. Did you know you have you blur out pubic hair in Japanese porn?

On Wednesday we had a test, but Sami, Sami’s cousin, Tim, Tim’s friend Fang, Lusi, Dave, and me all went to Hsimen to do some shopping. We didn’t get much done… and yesterday I went to Lusi’s house after class and then to Page One and Eslite. At the bookstores I got the Marie Claire with Takeshi and the Men’s Uno with Takeshi. So nice! I’m so happy to have his pictures!!

Well that’s about it for the update. I think this weekend is a beach weekend and also site seeing.

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