The Weekend.

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I have a new roommate. Her name is Yuriko and she’s from Japan. She’s very nice! She speaks only a little bit of English, but that is ok. She gave me a notebook from Japan! I feel so honored! Hahaha… I’m a dork.

Anyway this past weekend I went to Taichung again, but this time I got glamour shots done. I’m supposed to get it by August 7th. I really can’t wait. Also, we’re planning a trip to Hong Kong now. I’m super excited. Sami, George, Lusi, Peter, Peter’s gf Brandy and I are all planning on going. Tim and Steve aren’t going no matter how much I attempt to convince them. *sighhhh*

Today I went to Taipei 101 with Tim, Steve, and Sami. Sami left before we had dinner and so I had dinner with Steve and Tim. Okeeee… must go study for a test. Hopefully I’ll be in Hong Kong sooon!!!

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