Welcome to Prague!

Location | Little Town Budget Hotel – Prague

I’m currently sitting in the internet lounge at the Little Town Budget Hotel. It’s crazy that I’m here already! The flight was ok, didn’t get any sleep, but it was a relatively pleasant experience. The flight took off on time and arrived in Prague earlier than expected. From the airport I was able to navigate my way through customs easily (they basically scanned and stamped) and then I just went straight through, got a bus ticket, hopped on the bus, went to the metro, got off and walked to the hostel. The hostel is really nice actually! Very clean and in an awesome location. I’m excited about seeing our room. I hope it’s as nice as the outside of the hostel.

Pictures and uploads to come soon.

I think my biggest problem in traveling to “foreign lands” is the fact that I don’t know what language to speak to anyone… do I start with English or is that presumptuous? Do I just look at the other person and see what they want to say? A guy just came in and I think he was Italian? Assuming that his “Ciao” was Italian and not any other form of “Ciao?”

Ahh, Ngoc needs to get here sooner. I’d like to play now! (Oh and eat breakfast — I want Turkish coffee!)

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    glad you made it okay! take care of lpp

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