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Beginning today I’ll be moving my posts from my old travel blogs – for Taiwan and Tokyo here. It’s going to be a slightly long and arduous task since my Taiwan blog has 70 entries I want to edit and prune before placing here and the Tokyo blog luckily only has 7 entries. So if you notice anything funky, sorry. I hope that it’ll be good to consolidate all my posts.

Also, I’m working on another blog project, which you’ll hopefully be able to see in a few months. It’ll involve my other favorite topic – food. Then I’m going to work on consolidating into a portal and then moving my blog that currently resides there to yet ANOTHER subdomain. I know, it’s harrowing to keep track of. We’ll see if I’ll be able to work some WordPress magic since I’ve been working with Blogger for about 10 years now and I’m moving onto greener pastures. For those of you who are WordPress experts, please be patient with me as I ask questions that may just seem awfully silly.

Thanks and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my material even more.

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