Lazy Beaching on the Last Full Day in Puerto Rico

Location | Rincon Beach Resort

Today was a day to not do anything. We woke up late (11am-ish) before we headed down to find breakfast. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed, so we went back upstairs, packed up all the food that we had, and carried it down to the beach. We spent the morning and early afternoon laying out reading magazines and books. We were drinking piña coladas that did not turn me red, so Greg went out and bought some rum, which we then added to our next piña coladas. Greg is my hero because he brought back a roasted chicken! It was delicious to finally eat some street food. Earlier we had eaten the papaya we bought from a fruit stand, and we had kiwis too.

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Then there was swimming on the beach until the sun set. Even though there were storm clouds in the sky, the sun was still bright and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The storm clouds passed right over us and we had some great weather! The sunset was beautiful, a bright red (and HUGE) sun on the horizon.



After sunset was more twilight swimming, dancing around in the pool (yes I said, dancing), then hot tubbing. More beach, then hot tubbing. Essentially I’m surprised my skin is withstanding all the water.

Instead of going out to dinner we ended up staying in eating snacks… beer – Medalla Light – apparently the Puerto Rican beer of choice; salted cashews, canned pulpo (octopus), and pan de agua. Now it’s just reading and chatting late into the night…

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