2 Hotels, 1 Night

Location | Rincon Beach Resort in Puerto Rico

It began at 3:30am this morning when I woke up and began to get ready for my 4:15 car ride to the airport. Greg arrives and we’re off!

JetBlue terminal is amazing! Flight is smooth minus the finicky/crying/cooing baby. Got our car, took a scenic ride to Rincon, checked in at Villa Cofresi. Then we grabbed lunch. Mofongo is the specialty here – garlicky mashed plantains. Greg ordered the fried pork mofongo and I ordered the fried chicken special. Not bad, but not amazing.

Fried Chicken Special

Fried Chicken Special

Then we left and were on the beach. It was completely deserted…! The hotel is in the low season, so there are a lot of empty rooms…

We were in the water for an hour or two before it began to rain. It was pouring for about an hour with deafening thunder and also lightening. We sat on our patio watching it all come down.

Then we headed out to drive around… We first went to a grocery store (EcOno) where we bought more food than is necessary… plantain chips, juice, canned pulpo, beer and fruit. Then we drove south to a whale watching tower where I noticed that there was a hotel nearby which I recognized as the Rincon Beach Resort – which we almost originally booked.

View from Whale Watching Tower

View from Whale Watching Tower

So that leads back a fun story…

We went to the Rincon Beach Resort to check it out, and then we were suddenly deciding we wanted to change hotels! We checked the price online and it was cheaper than Villa Cofresi, so we went back and asked Cofresi about their cancellation policy and somehow we managed to work it out (minus $80 they charged us for partial usage), but otherwise, we got a room at Rincon Beach Resort.

Anyway, We’ve been saying “It’s Puerto Rico” everytime something goes wrong. The room at the new hotel is about the same as before except… There was mold on the headboard! (Which we wiped off). That’s been the only drawback… Sorta.

We drove around in search of dinner, but there are so many US chain restaurants and not enough local places. We settled on a seafood place. Greg ordered mahi mahi and I ordered the mofongo stuffed with chicken (which was AMAZING!). It was a little like chicken pot pie, except instead of pastry crust, there was garlicky mashed plantains. The chicken was so incredibly tender too! Mrmm.

Anyway, now we’re back in the hotel getting ready for bed.

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