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So I had made up my mind that I’d write a ton of blog entries for my personal blog, but instead I end up on my Tumblr or Twitter. So many pieces of sharing my life to keep track of! I had a discussion yesterday about being an “open book” and I do realize that I am completely an open book. I will blog, tweet, or blatantly announce anything as long as I feel if it’s worthy to be shared (which is almost everything, because in case you haven’t heard, I’m kind of a big deal).

Well, since I left Time Inc, devoting my time to the full-time job search has been both disheartening and exhilarating. While I am hearing a lot about many different companies, I am also disappointing in waiting for any leads to turn out. I know that I would make a fabulous marketing manager in the digital arena, but proving it has been quite a challenge.

So here’s what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks:

  • Catching up on Google Reader
  • Updating my Tumblr
  • Tweeting
  • Eating my way through the city
  • Drinking a whole lot of iced tea (now I’m originally from the south, so I ADORE sweet tea. If I drink too much I think I’m going to have diabetes, this needs to stop!)
  • Being glued to my blackberry
  • Finishing off some books (just completed Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh – now to finish Eat Pray Love before the movie comes out!)

Overall, it’s been an up and down past month and a half, but nonetheless, it’s the next chapter of my life and I’m so excited to share it all with you!


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