Um. Can I be retired now?

Location | Sun City, SC

The retirement life here is simple. After working your butt off during your formative years, then save enough money to move south where it’s warm all year round and live the rest of your life in the glory of sun, other retired people, and a lot of other fun activities.

Ok, so my parents aren’t retired yet, but they are living in a community made primarily of retirees. It’s 6000 houses, with a population of 10,000 people. More houses to be built soon, with new facilities and just all around other great stuff.

For under $300,000 you can find a great 2BR house, with sun-room, giant chef’s kitchen, etc that’s nestled on a lagoon or golf course (or both). Then when you want, you can go to the marina where your boat/sailboat/yacht (let’s hope for a yacht) is docked to go on a trip. If you want to be active, there’s tennis, softball, swimming, ping-pong, badminton, golf… there’s also arts & craft rooms, cards & other games, pool… so much to do!

Ah, the retired life is great! Once I retire I’m gonna buy a small house somewhere cheap, get a boat and spend all my time traveling. Which will in turn dry up my funds… but oh well! THAT’S the life!

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08 2009

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