Rome & Prague – The Final Day

Location | Little Town Budget Hotel – Prague

So ends our trip to Europe. This morning began with breakfast with Maria then off to the stationary shop Ngoc and I visited on the 2nd day. We wanted to buy a few more gifts. We took the bus from Termini and headed over there. Unfortunately the store didn’t open until 10:30am, so we decided to go for gelato first. We walked up toward the Pantheon where we made a quick stop at the Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.

Ngoc got a little outta control

Ngoc got a little outta control

We sat on the front steps for a few minutes before we decided to just go get gelato. Who cares if we’re eating gelato at 10am? So we went to Gelateria Della Palma, and needless to say, we were the first customers. In fact, they were still putting the gelato into the display case.

Ngoc really likes gelato!

Ngoc really likes gelato!

I left with what I had been dreaming of – red guava and green apple. Ngoc went for chocolate and pistachio.

It totally hit the spot.

Afterwards we went to the stationary shop, got what we needed, then headed back to the bed & breakfast. We got our stuff, presented Maria with a small gift, then went off to catch the train to the airport.

Unfortunately our flight time was changed AND it was also delayed an hour.

We finally got to Prague, hopped on the bus, headed back to the same hostel from the first night in Prague. After checking in, we went to the Charles Bridge to take a peek… and there were fireworks! (YAY!). Afterward we just ate at one of those touristy restaurants near the bridge. We had Czech-style Goulash and a salad (green and red peppers w/ tomatoes and balsamic w/ olive oil).

Then it was back to the hostel where we took goofy pictures, packed our things and then got into bed.

Goodbye Beautiful Europe!

Goodbye Beautiful Europe!

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