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The first entry should always lead off as an introduction. Well, this is my little introduction into why I am creating this blog. Although I’ve had my fair share of travel in the past 24 years, I hope to diversify and see all that I could possibly see while I am still young, able and have a disposable income. I decided to create this blog as the beginnings of my travels – aptly naming it “Explore!” although I am sure I could come up with a more creative name with some time and a little thought.

The first trip on my itinerary will be my late July 2009-early August 2009 Europe trip. Although I won’t be bringing my computer with me, my friend (and travel buddy) will be bringing hers along. The itinerary is as follows:

July 31st – Arrive in Prague from NYC

August 2 – Arrive in Budapest via overnight train

August 4 – Arrive in Rome via air

August 8 – Return to Prague via air

August 9 – Return to NY

It’s not the longest trip, but we should be able to thoroughly enjoy what Prague, Budapest and Rome have to offer! I will update with more info and also links to my new Flickr account once I get it set up!

More to come!

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