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Sometimes The World Just Comes Crashing Down…

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I’m started to read the news less and less now. Not because I have less time or have gotten lazy, but more because so many of the stories are so depressing and sad that if you want to keep sane, you have to pretend that these stories are fairytales, and not reality.

Bomb Damage to Iraqi Boy’s Eyes Is Worse Than Expected – New York Times

Anyway, I’ve been home sick today because I had an allergic reaction to a drink that had orange juice in it. *Sigh. It really sucks. At least I feel A LOT better now. I’ll be back at work again soon.

Today we went to the doctors, which was too full, then to a computer store to get some stuff for my cousin, then to Danshui, where we ate some McDonalds. Afterwards we just came back here. I really wish there wasn’t any rain. I really hate rain. *sigh.

Oh, I finished Harry Potter 6!!!! Anyway, let’s say that the book was REALLY scary and that little kids SHOULD NOT read it. Wooowww… I was really freaked out. A lot of the stuff surprised me this time around. I don’t know what to make of the book. Oh well, if you’ve finished it and want to discuss it with me, let me know. 😉

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