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Puppy Sitting | Day 1

Location | New York City

Today began my first day of puppysitting Ms. Elliepoo. After work I ran over to Christine’s to drop off all my stuff before running to the Ritzy Canine Carriage House to pick up the pup. I walked her back home where she scarfed down dinner and then hopped up to the couch and promptly fell asleep.

Ellie is pooped

Around 9 I took Ellie out for her walk. Boy, she did NOT want to take a walk. Furthermore, I forgot poop bags… so luckily I came upon a newspaper dispenser and grabbed a newspaper to pick up her… poops. Good thing, or else that would’ve been mortifying.

Now I’m sitting on Ellie’s dog bed (b/c I need to be near the ac outlet) while Ellie is sprawled out on the couch sleeping. Lucky dog.


03 2010